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The Law Offices of Ruben & Ruben was founded by and is dedicated to, Judge L. Leonard Ruben (1925-2007). During his lifetime, Judge Ruben served the people of Maryland as an attorney, judge, and member of the House of Delegates.

He had a passion for helping others and was a fervent advocate for the people he served. People who knew him often remarked on his integrity, professionalism, and unrelenting work ethic.

The firm is now led by Judge Ruben’s son and grandson, attorneys Stephen D. Ruben and Jason Ruben, respectively. Working at a firm that bears your family name is no small responsibility. Stephen and Jason have to continue a legacy that has already been established and to do that, they have to live up to the ideals and principles established by Judge Leonard.

This is a mission they take very seriously, and as a client of the firm, you can expect to work with professionals who are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards.

Our Family Has Been Serving the People of Maryland for Generations.

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Our firm provides a wide variety of legal services, including business law, consumer protection, personal injury, criminal defense, and real estate counsel. We strive to be the trusted resource for all of your family’s legal needs in Maryland. Rest assured, we only provide services in areas where we feel our skills, knowledge, and experience can benefit our clients and result in the best possible outcome for their cases.

People often come to us for help during difficult moments in their lives. We know that people place a great deal of trust in their attorneys, and we work hard to honor the commitment we have made to our clients and their families. We are proud to have a strong history of positive case results and generous testimonials from previous clients.